Book Experience

Photo by James Arzente

Photo by James Arzente

As I finished my book last year, and did a photo project with the photographer James Arzente, I began to think about the relics involved with No End Of The Bed. I had over ten years of memories and influences – legal pads full of scrawl, journals, postcards, letters, photos, disintegrating costumes, music, poems, books that changed the way I write and think and live. As the writing process drew to a close, all of these things represented a past self that no longer existed. I found myself firmly rooted in the present.

For the photo above, I pulled out all of those things that had been a part of creating my book. It was an emotional experience. I sat in the middle of the table of stuff, and spoke about what all of the items meant to me. I let go, and have since gotten rid of a great deal in the photo.

Below you will find photos and audio recordings from books that influenced me. A behind the scenes view into the development of a book.



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