A Woman’s Search For Truth

 Lauren J. Barnhart’s memoir No End Of The Bed spans her search for truth through

differing perceptions of sex, with some surprising parallels made between

the fundamentalist church and the sex-positive movement.


Raised within the confines of Fundamentalist Christianity, Lauren J. Barnhart is instructed that her body is inherently evil and unclean; that innocence is of the highest value; and that a woman is meant to be a servant to everyone but herself. She struggles to believe all that she is told or else disappoint family, friends, and an all-knowing God.

At age twenty-one, outside of her small conservative college, Lauren explores her sexuality and is surprised to discover a lack of guilt for her transgressions. Awakened to all five senses, she begins to understand what it means to be within nature rather than against it.

Soon Lauren is drawn into a group of polyamorists who celebrate the body and the freedom to explore relationships with many people. Lauren is given free rein to express herself and gains an understanding of her identity in the process. But she also experiences the same misuse of power that she left behind in the church pews. Realizing that the need to find a leader is a fallacy, Lauren learns to value her own true voice, and finds the strength to forge a different path.


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